is an AWS-based URL shortener service. It harnesses the power of cloud computing to provide reliable, scalable and lightning-fast API endpoints to shorten your AWS S3 and other URLs at a low cost.
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Our API consists of two endpoints to /short and /remove URLs in real time. Our serverless architecture environment enables our API endpoints to fully scale on demand and provides a seamless interaction with your applications. Short up to 10 URLs per second.

Available on AWS Marketplace

Our service is listed on AWS Marketplace. Get started in minutes by subscribing to our pay-per-use plan with your dedicated AWS account credentials. All billing is securely made over AWS.

US$ 0.004 / call

Stop paying for huge contracts you never fully use. We follow the AWS paradigm that you only pay for what you actually use. We charge you only for calls you make to our API while all clicks and traffic are included.

Get your custom domain

Connect your own domain to our high scale API service by subscribing to our custom domain add-on at AWS Marketplace. It simply requires to add a few DNS records in your domain to point traffic to our shortener. If you are looking for an integrated custom solution, our experts can integrate our solution directly in your AWS account custom to your needs.

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